Lightweight construction Areas of application

Due to the reliably high quality of TRIPAN lightweight components, there are numerous areas of application for the innovative lightweight construction solutions – whether in machine and vehicle construction, in aircraft, cabin, rail vehicle and ship construction or in architecture.

Vehicle construction

Vehicle construction is one of the many areas of application for lightweight construction – parts are manufactured for special vehicles. For vehicle construction, TRIPAN produces sandwich panels for complete superstructures or as carrier panels, roof panels, partition walls, storage boxes or underbodies. The sandwich panels are also used as step flaps, doors, crash absorbers or for reinforcing car bodies.

Machine construction

Another area of application for lightweight construction solutions is machine construction. Our lightweight construction specialists manufacture enclosures that are planned and developed together with the customer. TRIPAN also produces parts for machines that have a low dead weight, high bending stiffness and heat resistance. Food safety or moisture resistance can also play a role in this application.


TRIPAN produces ceiling and wall cladding, façade panels and furniture in a wide variety of designs in the lightweight construction application area of interior and exterior architecture. TRIPAN’s innovative ceiling and wall claddings can be equipped with acoustic, heating or cooling functions, for example. Light control can also play a central role.


TRIPAN composite components meet the highest demands for economical art applications, whether it is the storage of works of art, the restoration of existing works or the creation of new works of art using unique support materials. TRIPAN lightweight panels offer almost endless possibilities.

Cabin construction

The innovative cabins for inclined elevators, floors for cable cars and enclosures for mountain and valley stations are planned and manufactured by our lightweight construction specialists together with the customer or manufactured to customer specifications or drawings.

Railway vehicle construction

TRIPAN’s high-quality lightweight construction solutions are also used in railway vehicle construction. TRIPAN produces partition walls, cladding, floor panels and step plates for boarding and crash absorber interior doors for sleeping cars.


TRIPAN produces interior and exterior furnishings for shipbuilding applications. Not only furniture is manufactured, but also cladding, floor panels, on deck, sun roofs and much more.

Aircraft construction

In aircraft construction, parts are manufactured for the interior fittings. The lightweight construction company TRIPAN manufactures partition walls, stowage boxes and cladding panels. Serving trolleys are also manufactured individually for aircraft construction, as they have to be particularly stable, light and suitable for food.


Dining room, living room, bedroom, office, children’s room, kitchen, bathroom, library, gallery and apartment – the CUBE can do almost anything. Thanks to perfect lightweight construction technology, the Tiny House weighs just 1970 kilograms – an impressive lightness! Mobile and flexible in installation. Outstanding insulation values according to residential building standards. Sustainable thanks to resource-saving use of raw materials.