The reliably high quality of TRIPAN lightweight components opens up numerous fields of application for innovative lightweight solutions – in machine and vehicle construction, in aircraft, cabin, and railway vehicle construction, in shipbuilding, and in architecture.


Vehicle construction

Vehicle construction is one out of many fields of application in lightweight construction – with components for special-purpose vehicles being not only produced but also developed together with customers and/or manufactured according to their wishes or drawings. For the vehicle construction sector, TRIPAN produces sandwich panels for complete superstructures or for use as supporting plates, roof plates, partitions, storage boxes for emergency vehicles, or underbodies for special-purpose vehicles. The sandwich panels also serve as folding steps, doors, crash absorbers, or reinforcement of car bodies.


Machine construction

Lightweight solutions are also applied in machine construction. Enclosures are either directly manufactured by the TRIPAN lightweight specialists or planned and developed together with the customer. Moreover, TRIPAN produces parts for machines characterized by low weight as well as high flexibility and heat resistance. Suitability for food contact or resistance to moisture may also be essential properties. TRIPAN lightweight components for application in machine construction also feature fastening and connecting devices in the form of sleeves, nuts, and threads, as well as reinforcement of particularly stressed parts.



In the field of lightweight construction in interior and exterior architecture, TRIPAN produces ceiling and wall panelling, cladding panels, as well as furniture in a great variety of designs and according to customer requirements. The innovative TRIPAN ceiling and wall panelling, for example, can be equipped with acoustic, heating, or cooling functions. Furniture such as tables, acoustic cabins for offices, partitions, etc., can be faced with a wide range of materials and designed to meet individual tastes. The fields of application in exterior architecture include everything from roofing and façades to pool covers and balcony support plates.



TRIPAN composite panels meet the highest standards for economical artistic applications, whether it is for storing works of art, restoring existing works, or creating new works of art through unique support materials. TRIPAN lightweight panels offer almost endless possibilities.


Cabin construction

The innovative cabins for inclined elevators, floors for cable cars, and enclosures for summit and valley stations are planned and produced by our lightweight construction specialists together with customers or manufactured according to their wishes and/or drawings.


Railway vehicle construction

TRIPAN’s premium lightweight solutions are also used in railway vehicle construction. For this application, the lightweight component manufacturer TRIPAN produces partitions, linings, floor panels, as well as access steps at entry doors, and crash absorber interior doors for sleeping cars. The high strength of the sandwich panels guarantees safety and optimal performance, which is essential in railway vehicles.



In the field of shipbuilding, TRIPAN produces furnishing for interiors and exteriors. The range of products designed is not limited to furniture but includes linings, floor panels on deck, canopy tops, etc.


Aircraft construction

For the aircraft construction sector, elements of interior furnishing are manufactured. The lightweight construction company TRIPAN produces partitions, stowage boxes, as well as lining panels. Hostess trolleys, too, are custom-made, since they have to be particularly stable, light, and suitable for food contact. The panels can be faced with different materials and designed according to customer preferences.