Lightweight solutions for architecture

TRIPAN composite components meet highest standards for cost-efficient interior and exterior architectural applications. TRIPAN offers a virtually infinite variety of lightweight panel options for all kinds of architectural purposes such as ceiling cooling, ceiling heating, wall heating, or acoustic ceilings. TRIPAN lightweight panels for architecture go well with modern design and open up an almost unlimited number of possibilities. Clear lines and forms never fail to deliver – they protect, support, and create space.

Top applications:

  • Cladding panels
  • Ceiling and wall panels
  • Cooling and heating panels
  • Acoustic and climate panels
  • Sanitary and wet rooms
  • Mirror panels
  • Cabinetry
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Light-guiding panels
  • Canopies
  • Balustrades



The ingenious acoustic and climate panel Flymotion from TRIPAN is a ceiling sail made of composite materials featuring a fully integrated register installed on the back. The sandwich construction is designed according to the latest lightweight technology standards. The panels offer a multitude of advantages: acoustic ceiling, ceiling cooling, ceiling heating, light guidance, and illumination in only one product – tailored to your application. By means of the Flymotion chilled ceiling system, old buildings can be equipped with air conditioning within just a few hours. As ceiling sails can be installed in already furnished rooms, the system can be implemented with a minimum of construction work. Apart from rail, rope, and click systems, swing-down ceilings are possible as well. A decisive advantage in this context is the low overall weight. Due to its good thermal conductivity, the modern chilled ceiling system operates at very low flow temperatures and ensures maximum efficiency. Chilled ceilings also offer major advantages when used in combination with alternative energy sources like heat pumps, solar heating and cooling, as well as biomass and other buffer tank systems. Besides, the modern chilled ceiling system provides a comfortable room climate, decreasing temperatures by 1-3°C and minimizing the risk of catching a cold. Additionally, heating costs are reduced by up to 25%. The ceiling panels can be painted, colour-coated, or anodized according to requirements. Moreover, a great number of laminates are available, which can be designed with or without a perforated edge. TRIPAN ceiling panels are manufactured and machined to measure according to customer specifications, thus offering planners a maximum of design freedom. The fields of application include shipbuilding, hotels, stages, theatres, public areas, wellness facilities, offices, workrooms, …


  • Curved ceiling panels (wave form, zigzag, …) create a modern 3D character of the ceiling landscape.
  • Integrated registers in ceiling systems provide for significantly higher sound absorption.
  • Round ceiling sails are very easy to implement.
  • Due to their small weight, TRIPAN ceiling systems can even be used on surfaces that cannot bear heavy loads.
  • Light fixtures can be integrated both on the surface and at the edge.
  • The available options for ceiling panels are a metal fabric of aluminium, stainless steel, bronze or copper, or no filling at all (honeycomb visible).
  • The innovative TRIPAN ceiling baffles (upright panels) can be suspended from the ceiling in various forms.
  • Apart from acoustic ceilings, sound-absorbing objects shaped like cubes or in any other imaginable form also deliver good results in terms of noise abatement.

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