It all begins with an idea, a new challenge – either vaguely worded or already conceived as an initial plan. Together with the customer, the lightweight construction specialists from TRIPAN develop and engineer the path to the perfect product. Upon request, we prepare an integrated technical concept – from design to material composition to prototype – and plan the details of final manufacture: step by step towards the desired solution.


From the simple sandwich panel to the complex finished part: Composite design allows the construction of materials addressing the respective requirements in a very specific way. Our service team will be glad to answer your questions and advise you individually.


In most cases, the criteria for selecting certain components are their weight, bending strength, durability, outdoor or indoor capability, heat conductivity, surface quality, and price. The high bending and torsional stiffness of composite materials is achieved through bonding the components.


The manufactured parts are finished by means of 5-axis CNC portal milling machines. This high technical production quality enables us to implement first-class complete solutions. Our experience in manufacturing and finishing guarantees premium results.


The selection of the optimal components requires a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. And only by properly selecting the individual material components – top layers, core, and glue – all the advantages of composites over homogeneous bodies can be brought to bear.


We ensure that our components withstand all conditions to which they are subjected. By means of modern test methods we check the mechanical and physical properties of the materials in order that our guaranteed quality meets our and your requirements.


Whether intended for regional or global destinations – we always ship everything perfectly packaged and safely consigned: Use the advantages of our shipping options to ensure a reliable and flexible transport for the benefit of your enterprise. We take care of the ideal freight solution for your needs.