Dining room, living room, bedroom, office, children’s room, kitchen, bathroom, library, gallery, and apartment – the CUBE accomplishes all of it. Due to perfect lightweight technology, the Tiny house, weighing in at only 1970 kg, is extremely light.  Mobile and flexible in erection. Outstanding insulation values according to housing construction standards. Sustainability due to the resource-efficient use of materials. Manufactured in Upper Austria using only premium materials. These are only some of the arguments in favour of the CUBE.



The sophisticated space structure of our CUBE opens up a great variety of utilization possibilities, thus emphasizing the versatile and flexible design of the building. As our CUBE is just as individual as you are, you can choose from among three different basic models, all of them perfectly adaptable to the desired requirements. What all three models have in common, are the benefits – 1970 kilogram of perfect lightweight construction. Insulation values according to housing construction standards. Sustainability due to a precise and resource-efficient use of raw materials. From the floor and the wall design through to interior decoration, there’s no limit to your imagination. As all conceivable surfaces are possible, the TRIPAN CUBE can be perfectly integrated into existing structures. The façade, for example, can be adapted to an object already present on site. Moreover, the CUBE is a regional product, manufactured by us, an Austrian-based company, at our registered place of business in Hörsching near Linz.


  • The TRIPAN CUBE offers living space for up to three people.
  • Its construction is simple and flexible, and thus installation is easy. Thanks to the mobile lightweight construction, temporary erection is possible (lease).
  • For the residential container, only durable premium materials are used which guarantee a long service life. The materials accomplish several functions at the same time and are therefore sustainable.
  • The design of the residential cube blends in smoothly with the open countryside, both as a solitary unit or in smaller groups. The options for individually designed surfaces and materials are almost unlimited. Besides, all TRIPAN CUBES are prepared for roof greening already at the factory.
  • Due to the lightweight construction, no foundation is needed for erection, and the residential cube can even be established on unsurfaced ground.
  • The TRIPAN CUBE is multi-functional and, being perfectly adaptable to each requirement, can be used for all kinds of purposes according to requirements. The different modules allow variations in room sizes.
  • TRIPAN manufactures its products entirely in Austria (production in Hörsching, Upper Austria), which makes our Tiny House a regional quality product.
  • The delivery time of our TRIPAN CUBES is very short. The container homes are delivered turnkey and ready to move in, including a kitchen and bathroom.

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