From stainless steel rims to folded sections of aluminium or cast resin borders: TRIPAN lightweight components meet highest quality standards in every detail. The proper selection of components brings the advantages of composites to bear.

For our lightweight components, there are numerous options for various lightweight edge designs, such as strip connections, profile sections, skirt designs, edge angles or cast edge sections. The TRIPAN edge designs can be both push-on profiles and inserts made of a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic or metals. The edge of the lightweight edge designs can, for example, be cast or closed by the edge of the cover layers. Another option is to incorporate stable inserts or shaped tubes into the edge area. The TRIPAN edge designs can also contain fastenings and retaining positions or simply be left open.


  • Connecting strip
  • Profile end cover
  • 90° corner
  • 60° corner
  • Skirted design
  • Edge angle
  • Casting edge border
  • C-profile