The great variety of materials for processing allows us to design very specific components meeting exactly your requirements. The combination of design, functionality, and quality ensures the cost-effective solutions achieved with TRIPAN lightweight components. For each design and all weather conditions: TRIPAN supplies panel surfaces of aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, HPL, laminates, or perforated plates and metal screens of your desired thickness from 0.5 to 10 mm.

For really any design and any weather: TRIPAN supplies panel surfaces made of lightweight panel materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, HPL laminates, laminates, plaster and textile surfaces or perforated and grid sheets in the desired thickness of our customers – from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. The thickness of our top layers can vary depending on the area of application. The cover layers of our lightweight components can also be produced with special metals such as titanium, bronze or copper at the customer’s request. The various materials can be processed with a fabric structure, lacquered or anodised. Fastenings, lighting and much more can also be integrated into the top layers at the customer’s request. The top layers of the TRIPAN honeycomb panels are precisely matched to the requirements – in the architectural sector, attention is primarily paid to appearance and high load-bearing capacity, while in mechanical engineering, weight, stability and the insertion of holding and stability points are often of great importance. The honeycomb panels can be produced up to a size of 15×3.5m, have a very low weight per unit area (from 3kg per square metre) as well as excellent insulating properties and are also TÜV-certified.


  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Fibre composite GFRP
  • Fibre composite CFRP
  • Hybrid solutions
  • With a fabric structure, painted, or anodized
  • Plaster or textile surfaces
  • HPL (high-pressure laminates)
  • Special metals (titanium, bronze, copper)
  • and much more