TRIPAN lightweight technology is characterized by low weight, high load-bearing capacity and strength, as well as an aesthetic design. These are ideal prerequisites for use in plant engineering and commercial construction, as well as in the culture and leisure industry. For more than 20 years, customers have been relying on the specialist from Hörsching near Linz. When it comes to cabins of cable cars and elevators taking people over great heights and distances, both materials and cabin manufacturers must prove their worth. In cabin construction, products must be protective and safe, appealing in design, as well as perfect in comfort. 



Relying on long years of experience and extensive research, TRIPAN provides perfect lightweight solutions in cabin construction for a great variety of applications – from elevator interior lining to cabin panelling. When designing a cabin, safety and comfort are TRIPAN’s top priorities. Using premium, non-flammable and perfectly matched materials, we deliver certified quality made in Austria, especially in lightweight cabin construction. Moreover, TRIPAN material compounds for cladding and built-in parts help save raw materials and energy – important parameters for any sustainable economic activity. Lightweight cabins can be designed individually and equipped according to customer preferences. For optimum planning, TRIPAN converts the designs of cabins and elevators developed together with the customer into realistic 3D visualizations, thus bringing the manufacturing process to perfection. For the production of lightweight cabins, four basic models are available, whereas special cabins are custom-made. The cabins are equipped with various features frequently required in cabin production such as emergency unlocking, descending facilities, air conditioning, and emergency exits. With TRIPAN, features such as folding seats, roof hatches, hopper windows, support straps, grabpoles, CCTV, etc., can be integrated in lightweight cabins. Customers can also pick from among a variety of tinted glass and painted surface options or choose advertising wraps. In terms of interior lining, too, there are many creative possibilities such as the integration of various media (flat screen, animated adverts, etc.) Thus, cabins and elevators can be individually designed according to requirements.

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