Bionics – taking nature as a model and enhancing it systematically – is a very important aspect for TRIPAN. This is why we have incorporated the aluminium honeycomb core in TRIPAN composite components. It provides for high load-bearing capacity at low own weight, thus making elaborate substructures unnecessary.


Composite technology makes it possible to build materials specifically to the respective needs. A wide variety of materials and combinations of materials is available. TRIPAN composite components mainly consist of a compression-resistant honeycomb core of aluminium or rigid foam, and of top layers of aluminium, steel, or plastics. We produce what you really need – following the motto: Create your panel.

As regards the detailed design as well as the style of borders and edges, we fully tailor them to each customer’s requests.
Each panel has several functions: it protects, supports, and creates space. Panels with an aluminium honeycomb core are extremely resistant to compression and bending. Panels with a rigid foam core are characterized by very good thermal insulation properties.


For each design and all weather conditions: TRIPAN supplies panel surfaces of aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, HPL, laminates, or perforated plates and metal screens of your desired thickness from 0.5 to 10 mm.


Permanently stable and compact: Composite components get their permanently high bending and torsional stiffness through bonding the top layers exactly as specified in adhesive bonding standards.


Perfect in function and versatility: The TRIPAN honeycomb system offers space for a functional interior – from electrics to thermal and acoustic insulation.