Bionics – taking nature as a model and enhancing it systematically – is a very important aspect for TRIPAN. This is why we have incorporated the aluminium honeycomb core in TRIPAN composite components. It provides for high load-bearing capacity at low own weight, thus making elaborate substructures unnecessary.

Bionics in lightweight construction
Design and technology Perfectly combined

It also offers plenty of space for a functional interior – from the electrics to the heat and sound insulation. Wherever low dead weight is advantageous in favor of high payload and where low mass saves power, lightweight composite construction is the ideal solution. Optimum selection of material components is TRIPAN’s quality standard and is based on intensive research and many years of experience. Composite lightweight construction makes it possible to tailor materials specifically to the requirements of our customers. A wide range of materials and material combinations are available for this purpose. TRIPAN composite components essentially consist of a compression-resistant honeycomb core of aluminum or rigid foam and cover layers of aluminum, steel or plastic. We produce what is actually needed – in line with our motto: create your panel.

The design in detail as well as the design of the finishes and edges of the lightweight components are completely tailored to the customer’s needs and individually manufactured by TRIPAN. Each panel fulfills several functions: It protects, supports and creates space. Panels with an aluminum honeycomb core are extremely resistant to compression and bending, while panels with a rigid foam core are characterized by high thermal insulation properties. The execution in detail as well as the design of the finishes and edges is completely tailored to the customer’s needs and made individually.


For each design and all weather conditions: TRIPAN supplies panel surfaces of aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, HPL, laminates, or perforated plates and metal screens of your desired thickness from 0.5 to 10 mm.


Permanently stable and compact: Composite components get their permanently high bending and torsional stiffness through bonding the top layers exactly as specified in adhesive bonding standards.


Perfect in function and versatility: The TRIPAN honeycomb system offers space for a functional interior – from electrics to thermal and acoustic insulation.